C4D to Get Native GPU Rendering With AMD ProRender

C4D to Get Native GPU Rendering With AMD ProRender

Maxon has announced a collaboration with AMD that will deliver GPU rendering in Cinema 4D through Radeon ProRender.

If you are not familiar with ProRender, it is a free and open source physical render engine based on Radeon Rays technology. ProRender is a complete rendering system that is scalable, and uses OpenCL instead of CUDA. There are already ProRender plugins for 3ds Max, Maya, Rhino, and SolidWorks. Cinema 4D looks to be the next in line to joint that list.

Maxon notes that hitter core philosophy is that designers shouldn’t have to worry about who makes hardware. C4D should just open and work on any system. This is why Radeon ProRender’s unbiased path tracing engine was their renderer of choice. Maxon says that it has more developers devoted to the rendering pipeline than ever before. Many are helping to integrate ProRender, adding key features to make it easy to use for C4D users.

What does all this mean for Cinema 4D’s Standard and Physical Render engines? For now, they continue to offer outstanding rendering capabilities, which not only power Cinema 4D but the 3D rendering capabilities of Adobe After Effects, Vectorworks, ARCHICAD and Allplan.

Check out the announcement for more information for Maxon’s Future of Rendering.