Tips for Rendering Large Resolutions With ProRender

Jonas Pilz Shows How You Can Render Large Resolution Images With ProRender Without Running Out of RAM

GPU rendering is pretty hot these days. It’s faster, and in some cases it is easier to use. Based on the graphics hardware on your system, GPU rendering is pretty flexible too. The more cards you have, the faster the rendering is. There is also a bit of a stumbling block hidden within GPU rendering. The amount of memory needed to render large resolutions. It can be easy to run out of memory (vRAM) even though you have plenty of RAM on your computer. Some renderers get around this by utilizing both CPU and GPU rendering for taxing renderings. With Cinema 4D’s Radeon ProRender, you can get around the problem of running out of memory pretty easily.

Maxon’s Jonas Pilz shows how you can enable bucket rendering with ProRender, to be able to easily render out huge resolutions. Bucket rendering will breakdown the rendering into smaller bits so that they van be rendered effectively using the amount of vRAM you have on your GPU.