Magic Blob Rig for Maya Helps Create Animated Soap Bubbles

Brent Forrest Has a New Magic Blob Rig that Can Easily Animate the Wobbly Effect of Soap Bubbles

Animator Brent Forrest releases a new rig specially made to help create and animate a wobbly soap bubble effect in Maya. Magic Blob offers a volume noise primitive based on a 2D fluid system. Imagine all the volume noise options that are available in Maya, combined with all the polygon primitives as a custom deforming object — That’s MagicBlob.

You can get a variety of volume noise attributes for the animation, and quickly place them on to any primitive type using the rig. The volume noise animation is a great way to get an organic undulation to a series of primitives — Perfect for bubbles, but I can see a ton of other uses as well.

“I recommend playing with Magic Blob for at least thirty minutes per day to help alleviate work related stress and mental fatigue.  I guaratnee that use of this rig will help you achieve success in your professional and personal relationships.” Brent Forrest says.

Magic Blob goes for eight bucks. Learn more here.