Check Out This Free Maya Rig: Grey Matter Gary offers a free easy to use, flexible and lightweight Maya rig called Grey Matter Gary.

If you are working in animation, you know how important it is to have access to a variety of rigs that you can work with and practice your craft. With Autodesk Maya so prevalent in animation, there is no shortage of great rigs out there. If you are looking to add a new one to your list, then have a look at Squiggly Rigs new free rig, Grey Matter Gary,

Gray Matter Gary is the first of a line of rigs that aim to be appealing, flexible, lightweight and easy to use, and you can download the rig for free. The downloadable rig required Maya Maya 2017 or higher. Squiggly Rigs has a few other great-looking rigs too, the Goosh Maya rig and the Lee Maya rig for a small fee. Check out Squiggly Rigs here.