New Particle Flocker 2 Currently in Beta

Particle Flocker 2 is on the Way and is Currently Looking for Beta Participants

Michael Bibby started a beta program for a new version of Particle Flocker, the real-time flocking simulation system for Autodesk Maya. Particle Flocker 2 will include vast improvements and a swath of new features that san across the entire system. Version 2 keeps the same, much loved user-friendly approach to creating realistic flocking animations in Maya quickly and efficiently.

Particle Flocker is a new node that integrates into Maya and uses Maya’s dynamics system to create particle-based flocking effects. The Particle Flocker plugin uses a force field system that allows animators and effects artists to apply flocking behaviors readily.

Particle Flocker 2 has a new site where you can sign up for the beta, and help provide input for the final release. Visit Particle Flocker for more information.