HardMesh Preview Shows New Powerful Operators Stack

Pux 3D Preps a New Update to HardMesh, the Advanced Boolean Modeling Workflow Plugin for Maya With an Operators Stack

A new update to HardMesh is on the way, and version 2.2 features an operators stack. The new panel lets you organize the boolean operations for you model as stacked layers. You can turn on, off and change the order for all your HardMesh booleans as you are working.

The Operators Stack adds a whole new level of flexibility to HardMesh, an already powerful tool for modeling complex hard-surfaces. The plugin brings some of Modo’s MeshFusion tools to Autodesk Maya, letting users build complex objects from simple shapes.
Also on deck for version 2.2 is greater plugin stability and newly revamped documentation. Visit Pux 3D for more information.