Working With Arnold Ambient Occlusion Shader

Academic Phoenix Plus Helps Us Discover Arnold Ambient Occlusion Shader Along With Practical uses

Monica, aka Academic Phoenix, posts a look into working with the Arnold Ambient Occlusion Shader. in rendering can be helpful in a couple of ways. On a rendering level, AO is excellent for bringing out details and object weight with cavity and contact shadows. On a materials level, an Ambient Occlusion Shader can also be used to drive other shader or texture attributes.

Watch this short new tutorial where Monica covers Arnold’s aiAmbientOcclusion and its settings. The tutorial then goes on to show a practical example where you can use the AO output as a matte to drive textures in your scene. Monica uses it to show another material through using the Mix Shader — A technique quite similar to her last one where she demonstrated how to control two shaders using Arnold’s Curvature Node.

Also covered are Range, Mix, and more.