Get a Better C4D Twist Deformer Via the Spline Wrap

Mate Steinforth Shows How You Can Get a Nicer Twist Experience in Cinema 4D Using Spline Wrap

Using the C4D Twist deformer is comfortable, and you’d be hard-pressed to find too much wrong with it; it’s effective and simple to use. That is until you are looking to customize the twirls that it makes, or alter the fact that it always gives you edges where you might not want them, on the outside of the twist.

Mate Steinforth, Creative Director and Managing Director of Sehsucht Berlin shows how you can create a more refined twist deformer experience with just a straight up spline and the spline wrap deformer. Steinforth shows how the technique can be used, with some examples of creating a straight spline utilizing a helix, using the traditional twist deformer for comparison, and using the spline wrap deformer as a twist deformer, which can solve issues seen in the first two.