PhotoScan Guide: How to 3D Scan Exterior Environments

Classy Dog Film’s James Candy Covers How to best 3D Scan Exteriors and Human-Made Environments

James Candy started a tutorial series a while back that showed how to create 3D scans using Agisoft Photoscan. The series offers a comprehensive guide for scanning environments specifically for 3D work and visual effects. That was a long three years ago. Recently James added to the group of videos with a new installment covering best practices and what to look out for when making a 3d scan of architectural exteriors.

The 4th video is the series is chock-full of tips and tricks that can help you get beautiful, clean results. Discover how you can get accurate results on solid colors and patterns, and how to deal with reflections, and tips to consider when shooting substantially large subjects. “We’ll also cover methods to improve your textures, such as delighting and calibrating images using 3D LUT Creator” James adds.