Color Marker 3 Adds New Method for Wireframe Color

Klaudio Ladavac Releases Color Marker 3 Outliner and Viewport Management Script That Adds New Options and Features on its Predecessor

Klaudio Ladavac’s Color Marker is a small manager that lets you control outliner and viewport displays for wireframe colors of your objects. It’s a great way to organize your objects and scenes based on type, grouping or other strategies. With it, you can instantly see and arrange object-heavy scenes by color in the Maya Outliner.

A new version adds some features, most notably there is a new method for assigning wireframe colors. Previous versions of Color Marker applied color through a transform node. The latest version lets you choose between transform or using the Maya Wireframe Color Tool.

Other features include a new option to set and toggle color pallet size and some changed that make select significantly faster when working on lots of objects. “This release is one where I have rewritten a good chunk of the script,” Ladavac mentions.

Learn more about or download Outliner Color Marker 3.