How to Create a Decoding Sequence With Animation Nodes

Zach Hixson Covers How to Create a Decoding Sequence Using Blender’s Animation Nodes

Animation Nodes tinkerer, Zach Hixson, takes a look at re-creating a decoding animation sequence working with Animation Nodes in Blender. Sprung from a challenge that was designed to help you get familiar with working with text. Zach goes through some of the creative solutions that people have developed.

Text in Animation Nodes has a different data type. It can be similar to the ones that you find in both objects and vectors. The Text node shares the same name as Blender’s internal Text Node and only stores a string of characters. That means that you can then use text manipulation nodes to animate the type procedurally.

Setting up a decoding effect is a simple process, and Zach offers some tips that will help you work with text in Blender using Animation Nodes.