How to Create a Perpetual Spawning System With X-Particles

Mike Batchelor Covers Using a New Question in X-Particles for Spawning New Particles or Trigger Events Based on Proximity

Insidium’s Mike Batchelor shows off some new features with X-Particles 4 that includes a unique Nearest Particle Question. Using this Question in X-Particles, you can easily trigger events based on the proximity of other particles. How can you use it?

It’s perfect for any growth-based system. Watch Mike Batchelor walk through creating such a growth system with a perpetual spawning setup that will produce new particles automatically.

X-Particles 4 is Cinema 4D’s defacto VFX system, using a simple Questions and Action premise to gain complete control over particle simulations. The plugin is a one-stop-shop for particles, fluids, and gaseous simulations all in one place.