Meet ExoSwitch, A New Multi-Direction Constraint for Maya

ExoTools Releases ExoSwitch, a Bi-Directional Constraint Where Users Can Determine “Direction” on the Fly

Constraints are essential for rigging and animation. In Maya, there is a host of constraints that you can use. However, they only work in one direction, leaving rigging artists to come up with more flexible solutions. Wouldn’t it be great to have one constraint that can handle multiple states? That is what the ExoSwitch Does.

New from ExoTools’ team of Tim Naylor and Andrea Maiolo, ExoSwitch is a Maya plugin that lets the user of the rig determine the direction of the constraint on the fly.

The multi-directional constraint system handles dynamic posing, animation, interactive driver switching, is configurable through a masking system, handles split transformation drivers, live offsets, and above all, is a native constraint within Maya.

Visit the Autodesk App Store to learn more about the new Switch Constraint.