How to Render Wireframe on Shaded With Arnold

Academic Phoenix Plus Shows How You Can Render Wireframe on Shaded With aiComposite & aiWireframe

Monica from Academic Phoenix shows how you can create a wireframe-on-shaded look in a single render using Arnold in Maya. Rendering Wireframe on Shaded can be useful for any number of purposes. There was a time when creating such a look was limited to multiple renders and a brief stint in a compositing application. Of course, this is no longer the case with modern renderers such as Arnold.

Monica walks through how to create a wireframe shader and composite that over a final image. “This is very helpful to show off models in your demo reel,” Monica says.

The aiComposite & aiWireframe nodes are essential for the final result. The Arnold Composite will let you mix two images or output results according to a blend or composite mode — Perfect for rendering wireframe on shaded, all in one pass.