Create Real-time Dispersion For Blender Eevee & Cycles

Blazraidr Shows How to Create a Dispersion Shader Which Will Work With Both Cycles and Eevee

Youtuber Blazraidr works through how to build a nice dispersion shader in Blender that can work in real-time along with the new viewport renderer. Glass and other highly refractive objects will break apart incoming light into its spectral values, this can be mostly “faked” to work in real-time with Eevee.

Blender is getting a brand-new advanced viewport that looks incredible. Eevee is a full-featured real-time engine that supports BPR (Physically based rendering). It can handle screen space reflections, refractions, and volumetrics along with a host of post-processing effects like motion blur, DOF, and ambient occlusion. The viewport render is available with Blender’s experimental builds. Check the Roadmap for more information.