Taking Volumetric Rays in Fusion to the Next Level

Con-Fusion’s Vito LaManna Shows how Volumetric Rays Can Work in a Few Different Scenarios With Fusion

Blackmagic Design Fusion has a Rays node that can make light visible, there is also a node to create volumetric rays. But there is more to it than just using a single node for all situations. Con-Fusion’s Vito LaManna shows some of the other ways to create volumetric or crepuscular/God Rays in Fusion.

“In this series, I will experiment with God Rays / Light Rays on several scenarios” Vito states. The tutorial starts out with Vito LaManna looking at the Fusion Rays tool, then moves on to using Radial Blur to create volumetric rays, a dive into the Volume Fog tool and lastly a method that you may not already know.

Vito then draws from the best of each and combines it all into a unique effect.