Working With Cryptomatte for Maya and Arnold

Arvid Schneider Shows how to Install & Set Up Cryptomatte for Maya, Arnold & Nuke

ILM Lighting TD Arvid Schneider covers working with Cryptomatte in your rendering and compositing workflow. Crytomatte is an open source tool that allows you to create and encode ID Mattes efficiently. Developed at Psyop by Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones the tool can generate ID mattes automatically using organizational information that is already available — Like names, object namespaces, and material names.

Arnold supports C-matte through Anders Langlands alShaders, which was introduced in version 2 of the shaders pack (currently as a pre-release beta). Arvid’s first video tutorial in a series shows how to install and setup the ID Matte utility for Maya 2018, Arnold and Nuke 11.

Cryptomatte is really a game-changer for creating ID mattes in a rendering pipeline. Stay tuned for more of Arvid’s look into using it with Maya / Arnold.