ActionFX Builder: An Easy Way to Add Cartoon FX in Ae

Motion Factory ActionFX Builder for After Effects is a Simple Way to Add Cartoon FX To Your Work

Pixflow’s Motion Factory Builders are After Effects front-ends to libraries of particle, type, and effects. ActionFX Builder offers an easy way to add cartoon FX to an After Effects composition instantly.

The Motion Factory plugin for After Effects presets a panel where you can access ActionFX Builder and browse fire, water smoke explosions, and energy/electricity effects. You can then easily choose and add any cartoon FX with a single click.

Once in the project, you can alter and customize the effect through controls. ActionFX Builder has eight 2D animation categories, spanning more than 100 cartoon effects.

The Motion Factory extension is free to download. Within the plugin, you can choose between using the ActionFX builder, Particle Builder or Type Builder, each having some awe-inspiring content.

Check out Motion Factory and ActionFX Builder for more information and download.