MoglyphFX 3 Adds a New Cloner Type, Effectors, and Effects

MoglyphFX 3 offers a new Fibonacci cloner plus a bunch of other new stuff.

Remember Moglyph FX? It’s an After Effects tools that can generate and animate glyph clones procedurally, just like you can in Maxon Cinema 4D’s Mograph module. A new release, MoglyphFX 3, adds a host of new features, including a brand-new cloner type, post effects, and more — and it all happens in one text layer in After Effects.

What’s New

  • a new Cloner type called “Fibonacci” (like the Cavalry app’s one… yep, even Maxon didn’t implement one inside C4D yet !)
  • the Delay Effector is now way cooler with its “Animation order” and “Animation Remapping” options
  • New POST EFFECTS (symmetry, metaball, Repetile, Kaleidoscope, and Polar Coordinates) that you can apply with the click of a button to any layer (not bound to use it over a MoglyphFX layer so you can use this with shape layers, texts, footage…)
  • 2 new really cool fonts (one called C_Fibonnaci to use with the same-named new Cloner type, and another called “Futuristic HUD” for any kind of FUI/HUD purpose !)… With these 2 new fonts, there are now 1500 glyph shapes to choose from!
  • UI and expressions performance improvements

Get Moglyph FX 3.

All the additions haven’t changed the price of the Ae tool. Also, you can get 25% off during the Aescripts CYBER WEEK that’s is starting right now with the code CYBER (the Sale ends Friday, Dec 4, 2020)