Bring Storyboarder Into After Effects With This Free Script

Bring Storyboarder Into After Effects With This Free Script

Nicolas Dufresne Shares a Free Script That Can Import Storyboarder Into After Effects to Create Detailed Animatics

Storyboarder is a free and open source tool created by Wonder Unit. “We built Story boarder because the storyboarding tool we wanted simply didn’t exist,” The Wonder Unity team mentions about the state of boarding tools out there. Now there is a free script for After Effects that will allow you to import your storyboards into Ae to begin the animatics phase.

Of course, the script comes from none other than RainBox’s Nicolas Dufresne, creator of the free (amazingly so) DUIK rigging and animation tools for After Effects. “I love Storyboarder (and After Effects); I like to promote other free software projects, and I’ve developed a script to import storyboards created with Story boarder in After Effects,” Dufresne says.

The script will be making its way into a new version of DUIK, but until then, the importer is available as a stand-alone tool. “Using Storyboarder and After Effects should ease the process of creating detailed animatics: you can draw and arrange your storyboard in Storyboarder, then add some motion and camera moves to the storyboard in After Effects to create a detailed animatic!” says Dufresne.

All you need to do is install the story board app (if you are not already using it), and download the script, unzip it, and place it in the ScriptUI Panel folder. The script will be available under the Window menu and will import your storyboarder file in a single click.