How to Create a Diffusion-Limited Aggregation System With Houdini

Junichiro Horikawa Shows how to Create a Diffusion-Limited Aggregation System in Houdini

Growth patterns are always such interesting things to animate, especially procedurally. You are likely familiar with L-Systems and that branch (pun intended) of generative algorithms. One algorithm that doesn’t get touched on a lot is diffusion-limited aggregation. DLA is a process where particles experience a random walk, by way of Brownian motion. Particles cluster and form aggregates.

Architectural programmer, designer, and general parametric design wizard Junichiro Horikawa cover creating a DFA system using Side FX Houdini. It’s a great way to animate a 2d slime/ mold growth over time.

Junichiro Horikawa offers up the Houdini file for download, too: Check out the Houdini Scene here.