Compositing and Lighting Moho Characters in Ae

Animator Troy Picou Shares Some Tips for Lighting Animated Moho Characters in After Effects

Animator/Moho Trainer Troy Picou covers moving Moho characters and animation over to After Effects for compositing and lighting effects. Moho is fantastic for rigging and animating characters, with built-in IK, Constraints, controls and an animation friendly timeline, it is just the right tool for the job. Tony shows that you can use Moho Pro within a simple pipeline.

Although After Effects has the ability through 3rd party tools to rig and animate characters, its strengths lie with simple compositing tasks. You can export your Moho Character animations for composite work in After Effects. Tony walks through how to create nice lighting effects that can take your character work to the next level. One crucial element that gets covered in this tutorial is using the After Effects Set Matte effect to create an effortless light-wrap effect for the animation.

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