All About the “Pose in Maya, Sculpt in Zbrush” Workflow

JL Mussi Breaks Down His Workflow for Rigging and Posing a Character in Maya and Updating the Pose in a Zbrush Sculpt.

Freelance 3D Artist JL Mussi shows a technique where he rigs and poses a character in Maya first, then exports the new pose a to update a Zbrush sculpt of the same figure, all the while keeping all the sculpted detail in Zbrush.

It’s a novel way of working. Typically you would imagine that you need to create a character in Zbrush first and then rig and pose it in Maya. With this scenario, you Mussi starts with a moderately low-polygon character in Maya that will eventually get its details from a Zbrush sculpting session. Mussi also identifies common mistakes that people will have when using this workflow and shows us how to avoid them.

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