Set The Modeling Axis in C4D with a Click

Set Modeling Axis in C4D with a Click

Lars Jandel’s Set Modeling Axis Tool for C4D Lets You Instantly Change the Modeling Axis With a Click

Cinema 4D already has a way that lets the user set the modeling axis. It uses sliders to do this. That can be fine, but it’s not the fastest way. At least according to Lars Jandel who created the new Set Axis Tool, that instead uses clicks. “Using C4D’s native sliders is not the fastest solution, if you just go to the extremes or if you want to reset the axis,” Lars says.

His free C4D tool lets you set the axis using a click when using the selection, move or rotate tools. With it you can change the axis while using the center of your selected components. You can also use a shift-click to use the back, or alt-click to use the front.

Get the free C4D tool here.