An In-Depth Look at Effect Matte for After Effects

Plugin Everything Has an In-Depth Look at Working With Their New Plugin Effect Matte

Effect Matte is one of those things that is so simple; you wonder why it hasn’t been around sooner. From the folks at Plugin Everything, the After Effects plugin instantly adds a perfect sized matte to any layer. It permanently removes the need for additional layers that act as track mattes.

The mattes the plugin creates are customizable, letting you control expansion, roundness and feathering parameters. The transform tab makes it possible to create transitions in seconds.

Effect Matte is compatible with AE CS6 and up, 32bpc color, with text and video layers. The plugin has some limitations, it requires layers to have continuous rasterization enabled. The plugin is only compatible with parented layers in CC2018, and it is not compatible with shape layers, even if precomposed.


  1. channel > set matte ?

    • Set matte doesn’t actually make a matte for you like Effect Matte does.

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