Getting Accurate Displacements From Zbrush to Arnold

Flipped Normals Shows How to Get Accurate Displacements From Zbrush to Arnold.

Henning Sanden and Morten Jaeger cover creating the best possible displacement maps from Zbrush for use with the Arnold Renderer. Zbrush isn’t known for its intuitiveness. It is known for its robust feature set and an excess tools. The Flipped Normals team tries to uncover all the relative workflow for getting the most accurate displacements from the popular sculpting tool.

The tutorial covers how to work with UDIMs and which Zbrush settings will make a difference and which that you can ignore. The workflow involves using the Multi Map Exporter plugin in ZBrush that will generate the maps that will then go over to Arnold.

There are a few setting changes with Arnold Renderer that need to happen before displacements can render correctly.