How to Easily Manipulate Complex C4D Splines

Sean Dove Shows How You Can Shape C4D Splines Without Tediously Moving Individual Points.

SPlines are an essential element in Cinema 4D. They are incredibly versatile, having roots in facilitating constructive geometry, animation and more. If you find yourself working with really complex splines though, you might see that manipulating individual points is not only tedious, but it also is difficult to keep nice and smooth curves. Motion Designer Sean Dove shows an excellent technique that will allow you to manipulate C4D splines without all that tedious point-moving.

“I’ve done my fair share of manual spline point placement, so I thought I had to find a way to speed up the process,” Dove says. The demonstration uses an image inspired by a single line art piece from French creative duo DFT.  Sean shows how you can use Step Effector to pull apart C4D Splines, so they don’t overlap, without having to click and move individual points in the spline — Nice tip!