How to Create a Moho IK-FK Switch

Majid ShirAli Offers an Easy Method for Creating a Moho IK-FK Switch for Character Limbs.

Any animator can tell you the importance of having a way to switch character limbs from IK to FK and back again. Most true animation applications will allow you to create such a system quickly, and Moho is no different. Watch Freelance Moho Character Rigger and Animator Majid ShirAli walk through how he sets up a Moho IK-FK switch.

“You can switch to IK mode and FK with this method in any frame,” ShirAli says. The method requires using Actions to create the flexibility of keying a switch between forward and inverse kinematics whenever you want. Additions like adding a Moho IK-FK Switch into your character rigs will ultimately make them more flexible for different types of animation.

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