How to Draw and Rig a Flat Design Character With Moho

Troy Picou Walks Through Creating and Rigging a Flat Design Character Head in Moho, With Basic Controls.

Flat design is something that still dominates the motion graphics world, even today. It is interesting to see how to develop and rig flat design for animation in another application other than Adobe After Effects. In this case, animator Troy Picou shows how to draw, rig and set controls for a flat designed head using Moho.

Both the drawing, rigging, and animation workflows differ from Moho to After Effects. Moho has native bones, constraints, and a system that lets you create After Effects-like Joysticks n’ Sliders type of controls, all built into one low-cost character animation solution. The tutorial uses Mynd Tools, a suite of rigging and animation tools designed to speed up both processes.