Tips for Working With Smart Bones in Moho

Mitch Offers Some Tips for Using SMart Bones in Moho and Explains Why He Limits Their Actions.

Smart Bones in Moho allow you to control scene elements by using a “dial” metaphor. Rotating a smart bone will affect something else in your scene in ways that you set. SmartBones are great for lipsync, head turns, and much more. The question is not what can the system do in Moho, but rather how much should it be doing: According to Youtuber/Animator Mitch – not too much.

Mitch walks through some tips for working with smartbones in Moho 12 and shows why he has gone back to using no more than two actions per bone, or controller. Have a look at some previous tutorials that walk through smart-bone controllers in Moho, one that shows how to create them authored by Tony Picou and another that shows how to clean up rig controls, by Mitch.