Working With Krokodove to Create Tentacles in Fusion

Vito LaManna Shows How to Make Tentacles in Fusion by Using the Free Krokodove Tools.

It has a weird name, but Krokodove is a suite of over one hundred powerful tools for Blackmagic Design’s Fusion. The toolset ranges from bringing motion graphics tools to 3D tools in Fusion and more. What’s most impressive is that Krokodove is free. Master Fusion compositor Vito LaManna’s new tutorial shows how to use TubeCreate3D in the free toolset to build a great-looking Tentacles scene in Fusion.

Vito says that he is using mostly Volume Fog and Volume Mask to define colors of the scene while TubeCreate3D takes care of the main shape of the tentacle. LaManna had covered using fog and volumetric effects in Fusion before, with a tutorial that showed how to work with volumetric rays and take them to the next level getting them to look amazing.