How to Read, Load and Write Maya Shader Networks

Subin Gopi Shows How to Using PyMel to Interchange Maya Shader Networks in a Custom Data Format.

Saving and importing entire shader networks from Maya can be a hit and miss process. Even though there is an attribute to prevent importing redundant shading networks with the file import options, you may have encountered some other issues, too. If you have had negative experiences with interchanging networks between Maya instances, you might consider writing a custom method.

Pipeline Technical Director Subin Gopi shows how you can use PyMEL in Autodesk Maya to read and load shader networks and write them to a custom data format. The three-part series walks through the code and techniques used to read and write them easily.

Need to learn more about working with PyMEL to create custom tools in Maya? Then you should check out this tutorial from Rajiv Sharma whos walks through some of the basics for creating a custom Maya window that has attributes and a function.