Working With 3D Noise and Redshift Environment Fog

Saul Espinosa Shows Off a New Redshift Feature that Lets You Add 3D Noise to Volumetric Effects.

Volumetric rendering seems to be a favorite thing recently. With Arnold, Corona and other renderers adding the ability to control volumes and fog effects with 3D noise. Recently this was a new feature added to Redshift, where you can add 3D noise and ramps to control the breakup of Environment Fog.

Environment Artist Saul Espinosa covers using the new feature in Redshift and shows some practical examples and tips for getting the renders and effect that you are looking to achieve.

Saul Espinosa is currently a freelance matte painter and concept artist working in the entertainment industry and has a Patreon where you can help him create more in-depth tutorials like this one.