Easily Create Animated Backgrounds With Wave Generator

Background Wave Generator Lets You Create Complex Looping Backgrounds With a Few Clicks.

If you find yourself placing type on animated backgrounds a lot, then animated backgrounds are essential to your workflow. Creating them can be a bit repetitive unless you automate the process. A new After Effects tool, Background Wave Generator lets you create animated backgrounds with a couple of clicks. The script makes it easy to iterate and generate amorphous, abstract background for any project.

From WiggleMedia, Background Generator represents the first modular component of many more in what will be the “Background” series of modules. The generator makes it simple to loop animations to fill in those longer durations in Afte Effects.


Background Wave Generator Features:

  • Modular
  • Based on AE Scripting
  • No Plugin required
  • 1 Generation Panel
  • 15 combined effects available
  • 4 Control Panels for fine tuning and rendering
  • Single generation and Overlay generation
  • 2 Versions Available (Complete for AE v15 and AE v14, Light all CC versions)
  • AE CS6 and previous versions are currently not supported
  • Designed for Full HD
  • On-Line Tutorial