DGDM Releases New Shader Pack for Arnold 5

DGDM Releases New Shader Pack for Arnold 5

New SLiB Base Vol. 1 is a Shader Pack With 170 Materials for Maya and Arnold 5.

Arnold comes with a small library of standard materials, and the documentation details how to make many more. Still, you can never have too many materials in your library. They offer a great way to quickly set up scenes and kick off the look dev process. If you are looking for more, DGDM announces a new shader pack Base Volume 1 for Arnold 5.

The pack is a library of 170 materials that contain elements for everyday use. The Shader Pack offers categories such as car paint, concrete, fabric, glass, leather, liquids, metal, plastic, stone, and wood. Pretty much everything that you would ever need as a starting point for 90% of the renders our there.

The materials use Arnold 5’s new standard shader. The leather and fabric materials in the pack are entirely customizable. All you have to do is set the desired color or connect a texture map and presto.

Base Vol. 1 for Arnold costs $40.00 right now. Visit DGDM to learn more.