How to Create Leaf Material Maps from Photos

Brent LeBlanc Shows How to Create the Material Channel Passes for a Leaf Material, Based on Photos.

Plenty of marketplaces offer multicomponent surfaces for rendering. That is to say; if you are trying to put together a shader for let’s say a leaf, you can buy all the maps for the material channels such as diffuse, specular, bump, normal, etc. Alternatively, if you have some time, you can create these essential pieces yourself. How? Check out Brent LeBlanc’s latest tutorial that shows creating leaf material maps.

LeBlanc covers how to create all the material channel maps that you need based on a photograph of a leaf. LeBlanc uses some photos that he snapped himself, Adobe Photoshop, and Maya Arnold to compose the final shader. It does take some effort, but you can create custom material channel passes and can save you the need of buying scans or textures online.

Brent LeBlanc is a Texture and Shading Artist, an alum if Digital Domain and Blue Sky Studios and is based in the Greater New York area.

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