Maxdepth Preps a New Advanced Texturing Course

Timothy Hanson Gets Set to Launch a New Course, Advanced Texturing: Creature Painting.

Emmy Award-winning VFX/CG Supervisor Timothy Hanson posts an advanced peek into a new training series that looks into the texture painting pipeline. Advanced Texturing: Creature Painting covers tools like Zbrush, Maya, and Mari.

It all starts with all the steps to generate great UVs for texturing. Hanson discusses a multi-tile UV workflow that uses Headus UV Layout for unwrapping. “From there we will move into Mari, and discuss all of the major pallets starting with the Lighting and object tabs,” Hanson notes. The tutorials cover masking and working with Mari’s Paint Buffer, and how to make sure that you get the most out of painting textures.

Learn more about Maxdepth’s new texture series here.

Check out a sample chapter from the Advanced Texturing series: “In this sample chapter from the upcoming tutorial series, we will discuss importing our UDIM texture maps from Mari into Zbrush, and then using those maps to generate a fine layer of detail using masking tricks with poly-groups before finally exporting our displacement maps.”