An Introduction to Arnold’s New Toon Shader

Arvid Schneider Gives an Overview of Arnold’s New Toon Shader.

Arnold’s new toon shader offers an elegant way to render out non-photorealistic images with the classic cartoon style edges and solid color. The shader gives you a lot of control over outlines, color, shading and other aspects, letting you create a wide range of cartoon styles. Lighting TD Arvid Schneider offers an overview for the new toon shader, covering some of the more delicate details of its attributes.

Arnold’s Toon Shader uses a contour filter to draw edges, which has some advantages over Maya’s older toon lines, which were generated by way of Paint Effects. Pfx toon lines were difficult to manage and could bog down more complex objects and scenes. Arnold’s Contour uses sample filtering at render time to generate the edges.

Arvid also covers the shader’s specular controls and tone mapping features.

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