How to Create Particles Advected by Volume in Houdini

Alexander Golubeff Goes Through Creating Particles in Houdini That are Advected by Volume.

Particle animation can be mesmerizing and can also be the basis of some pretty studding images. Using a mix of Side Effects Houdini, Cinema 4D, and Redshift, Motion Designer Alexander Golubeff covers how to create particles that are advected by volume fluids.

The bulk of the particle work is in Houdini. Alexander uses Cinema 4D and Redshift to render out the final animation. The tutorial covers how to export the geometry from Houdini into Cinema 4D using Alembic, and a simple lighting and scene setup in C4D.


More Advected Particles

Simon Fiedler shows how you can set up V-Trails to create shapes in Houdini, with a custom vector volume that uses tangents from a curve to control the shape.

Ben Watts shows how you can create trapped bubbles in liquid, with this great bubble advection effect.

Patrick Noland shows how to create particle advection with turbulencefd and x-particles.