Control and Customize ReMeshing in Houdini

Junichiro Horikawa Explains How to Control Face Sizes at a Specific Location When ReMeshing With Houdini.

No surprise that SideFX Houdini’s Remeshing Node is pretty flexible. In fact, it gives you all kinds of control over how your objects are re-meshed. Exploring some re-meshing techniques, Junichiro Horikawa demonstrates how you can control the size of mesh faces at a specified position during the process.

With this example, Junichiro uses the Curvature of the mesh as a way to define the resolution of the mesh for re-meshing. Houdini has an attribute called Target Mesh Size that makes the whole process simple. As usual, Junichiro has the Houdini Scene File available for download so you can follow along.