Check Out the Free C4D Character Rig, Bony4D

Check Out the Free C4D Character Rig, Bony4D

Ace 5 Studios Releases a Free Robust Character Rig for Cinema 4D, Bony4D.

Always on the lookout for things to animate in Cinema 4D? Have a look at a new free character rig for Cinema 4D. Aleksey Voznesenski and Maria Kotova have rigged up a mannequin character in Cinema 4D, called it Bony4D, and are offering it for free.

The character is a poseable mannequin character that Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin created with Autodesk Maya. Cinema 4D isn’t known for its character rigging workflows, and that doesn’t mean that it does not have the toolset to develop complicated rigging setups. Visit Ace 5 Studios to download a free version of Bony 4D here.

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