Create Simple Animation Faster With KeyFast in Ae

KeyFast is a Compact Panel for Ae that Lets You Animate by Clicking.

If you do a lot of animations that put things on the screen and take them off again, then automating the process is never a bad thing. Sure you could create presets and use Essential Graphics, but some tools can take care of simple animations for you. One of them is KeyFast, Breton Brander’s small panel that lets you create 1-click animations fast.

Familiar animation tasks such as trim paths, staggering, easing, fades and rotations are all easy to access with a click. The Ae Panel is a great way to offload some of the repetitive tasks so that you can focus in on the more creative animation of a project. Even if you are looking for a time-saver, give the KeyFast demo a whirl.