How to Create Substance Designer Templates

Chuck Trafagander Shows How to Create Substance Designer Templates That Can Help Speed Up Common Tasks.

Setting up a workspace to corresponding the type of work you are doing can ultimately let you work faster. Watch a short tutorial from Chuck Trafagander (Get Learnt channel on YT) who shows how you can create Substance Designer templates so that a lot of the things that you use most will already be set up for you.

Substance Designer has a templating feature that can also help you save time when you create your textures. With Designer Templates, you can create compositions based on mesh information. Templates are a great way to reuse previous work making things more consistent. It also provides you a fast way to create variations using a standard base. Substance DEsigner makes creating templates easy, and in fact, it is only a three-step process where you extract the mesh information, then create the texture and then replace the baked maps by image input nodes.