Use Arnold Color Jitter to Randomize Colors Quickly

Academic Phoenix Plus Offers a Primer for Working With Arnold Color Jitter to Randomize Colors on Multiple Objects.

Most production renderers will offer a host of utility nodes that are useful for getting work done in the host application. With Solid Angle Arnold, there are a lot of great nodes supplied, one of them being Arnold Color Jitter. Watch a short primer from Monica’s Academic Phoenix Plus that shows how easy it is to instantly randomize color on lots of objects without having to create individually distinct shaders for each of them.

Arnold Color Jitter Shader lets you change the input color by applying color variation in Hue, Saturation, and Gain. If you want to see the process implemented using image textures, then check out a previous post about Brent LeBlanc. Brent shows how to create a shader network that can automatically create variation when you duplicate an object in the scene. In another tutorial, Edge CGI shows how to create different colored balloons using MASH and Arnold.