Modeling Cam Updates for Better Projection Workflow

AJ Haines Updates Modeling Cam for Cinema 4D.

An all-new version of Cinema 4D’s Modeling Cam has hit the streets, and amazingly, it is still free. Modeling Cam lets you speed up your projection modeling workflow in C4D, with an easy setup, preview mode, and all the tools you need all at hand making it a great tool to use for simplifying your projection workflows.

Developed by AlphaPixel (AJ Haines), the C4D tool spawned out fo the need to setup camera projections faster, while also facilitating a way to fine-tune the details as you work. “The projection process can be a lot of fun, even more so when you can get to the fun bits faster which is why I developed the Modeling Cam,” AJ says of his Xpresso-Python driven tool.

Check the overview vid to see what’s new and how the C4D Addon can make your life a lot more stress-free.

Modeling Cam is listed as a “Premium Freebie” by Alpha Pixel. Please keep in mind that the time that went into polishing this is similar to that of a paid product. While it is offered for free, I’d encourage everyone to donate something. It is an excellent way to say thanks to AJ Haines for his hard work.