How To Add Head Rotation to a Character in Moho

Woking with 2D characters poses some challenges, especially when you need to create a rotation of some kind for a character. If the character has to turn a head or even the entire body, that has to be incorporated into the rig. If you are using Moho, its Actions system makes rigging a head rotation that much easier, while also proving some nice on-screen controls for animation.

How is that all put together? Watch Moho Artist Troy Picou walk through the entire process, in a recorded live-stream. Tony shows how to use Moho’s rigging tools to facilitate a head rotation on a 2D character, making it appear as if it were 3D-ish.

If you want to learn more about Moho, Smith Micro offer a 30-day free trial. The trail version is limits the import of external file formats including images and movies, and limits export of animations to other formats. Other than that, it is a fully-functioning demo.

Exploring the 2.5D turns, McCoy Buck has offered a couple free tutorials on the subject. Check out CREATING A TURN WITH MOHO’S SMART WARP MESHES, and HOW TO SET UP A BODY TURN IN MOHO 12.

McCoy also has a rigging course that helps you Master 2D Rigging in Moho and learn how to create professional animation rigs for characters.