Creating Fibonacci Fractal Broccoli in Houdini

Junichiro Horikawa Explains How to Develop the Distinct Look of Romanesco Broccoli Using a Fibonacci Fractal Pattern.

A lot of the math behind real-life objects in nature checks out. From L-Systems to fractals, much can be reproduced with the proper algorithms. Quite often Junichiro Horikawa breaks down his processes for recreating fractal and algorithmically based elements procedurally inside of SideFX Houdini. His latest has a look at building the marvel that is Romanesco Broccoli based on a Fibonacci Fractal.

Using online references for a Fibonacci Spiral, Junichiro uses the numerical sequence as a starting point for the complex broccoli shape. This latest video isn’t the first time that Junichiro has tinkered with fractals within Houdini. Previous tutorials had him run through how to create a diffusion-limited aggregation system, 3D Mandelbulbs, iterative fractals, along with ones that used an abnormal winding condition. Nerdy!