How to Rig a Continuous Track in Cinema 4D

Kangddan Steps Through Rigging Continuous Track Tank Treads in C4D Using Xpresso.

Tank treads. The continuous track on wheels that has almost become the defacto benchmark for assessing rigging tools, especially in 3D apps (and sometimes 2D too). The problem of tank treads is likely why there are many tutorials out there that offer solutions for curious riggers and tinkerers alike. A new tutorial from C4D Artist Kangddan, shows his process for creating a continuous track setup in Cinema 4D.

Kangddan, based in Shanghai often focuses on rigging with Cinema 4D, and here walks through how he set up tank treads that have no shortage of cascading linkages and relationships between wheels, tracks, and the ground.

A while ago, PixelBump’s Stephen Sprinkles focused on tank treads and their relationship to the terrain in Cinema 4D, with a tutorial that showed how to rig a little tank with treads that will automatically react to any surface.