Style Transfer for Smoke Sims Could Save Hours

Research Paper Shows New Tech for Transfering Styles on to Smoke Sims, Adding more Details Without the Long Compute Times.

Smoke sims and fluid simulations are always mesmerizing. What starts out as a slow resolution wonder, often turns into a complete spectacle. With that, however, comes more extensive simulations and render times. The task of Rendering aside, there are ways to “up-res” simulations that don’t involve too much more calculations. A new white paper authored by Dwango Co. and Hokkaido University might just change all that. Example-based Turbulence Style Transfer depicts a method for transferring style attributes from a low-resolution simulation, into an entirely new one, but using an intermediary as an example.

The system was covered by Two Minute Papers, who gives an excellent overview of how Style Transfer for Smoke sims and Fluids works, showing some pretty amazing results. Style transfer is something that has surged for images recently, adding a painting style to photographs or renderings. This is very much a similar process, but for adding details to simulations without all the compute time. Really cool!