ActionVFX Expands With New Weather VFX Footage

ActionVFX Launches new Weather VFX Stock, Starting with Snow Effects.

Rain, Snow, Hail and other weather events are practically essential for compositors and VFX artists. I can’t count the many times that I’ve busted out particle generated snow rigs for projects. Even having a library of 3D-generated elements, always seems to require some refinements for specific projects. Not to mention how hard it is to get the natural motion of winds and currents looking believable. Now there is a new VFX stock footage category for weather VFX thanks to ActionVFX.

The Weather category starts out with ready-to-use footage that features Falling Snow, Windy Snow, and Cold Breath. All very useful!

ActionVFX will be launching their new Weather Category on August 7, 2018, at 11:00 am. At launch, the new weather category will offer three new Collections; Falling Snow, Windy Snow, and Cold Breath! It includes over 100 new VFX elements with plenty of variety.

The new Weather Category will go-live on August 7, 2018, and will contain three high-quality VFX Stock Footage Collections. The first three Collections are Falling Snow, Windy Snow, and Cold Breath. All the elements were shot in 6K using the RED Weapon 8K Sensor! Whether you’re looking for a cold tundra scene or just looking to create a Winter Wonderland for holiday commercials, our Weather Category has it all! You can find the new Weather Category at under the Products Page. All you have to is click the Weather tab on the left column and select which Collection you would like to preview.